Sinfonietta Ad

It's a little early notice to be talking about my upcoming Sinfonietta concert, but I just wanted to share this article about our soloist.

For the record, the concert is going to be here:

Sunnyside Adventist Church
10501 SE Market St
Portland, OR

Date: Sunday, November 8
Time: 7:30pm.

We'll be playing Suk's first symphony, and Five Mystical Songs by Vaughan Williams.

[Programming] lessons

I've started a text file on my computer called "programming_lessons.txt". I'm thinking I'll write down insights I have about programming throughout the day, and go back and reread it now and then to remind myself of what I've learned.

These lessons seem like the kind of thing I ought to blog about, but since they occur to me spontaneously during work when I'm trying to get other things done, I'm not sure I want to take the time to do more than just note them down. If you're interested in talking about any particular one of them, feel free to post a comment and I'd love to have a discussion.

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Marie is doing better

Last night Marie got into a tussle with a lamp cord, and we thought she might have broken her tail. This morning she seems much better, but we took her to the vet to make sure. We got sent home with an anti-inflammatory medicine to squirt into her mouth once a day.

Vera and I are a little rattled, but ok. Marie is lounging on the windowsill. More info on Vera's LJ

Broken spam

I always thought spam was based on mad libs. Today I received this message, which removes all doubt:

You don’t need to %SI3_rnd10 rod’s %SI3_rnd11 and %SI3_rnd12 %SI3_rnd13’ jokes!
This is a %SI3_rnd14 for %SI3_rnd15 your %SI3_rnd16! It will %SI3_rnd17 in seconds after she %SI3_rnd18 and %SI3_rnd19 as good as if it was a %SI3_rnd20 rod!
No more jokes – you will always get %SI3_rnd21 and moans! The huge pack costs less than 30 %SI3_rnd22!
%SI3_rnd23 can be a %SI3_rnd24! No one will know about your %SI3_rnd25!
%SI3_rnd26 now and save more than $10 regardless of your order’s size!

I am unmoved

I guess a lot of people are moving these days because moving is now in my dreams. Last night, just before waking up, I had a dream that my parents were moving. Or rather, it was my whole family moving (Jason and I still lived at home). My parents believed that everything was packed away for the move, and the moving van had already left. All was left was to pack the car, my family's old Toyota Previa. This was going to be a long distance move so we essentially had to leave the house completely empty. And yet, even though I couldn't think of anything specific that we hadn't packed, the house was still completely full of furniture and stuff. I kept opening cupboards, finding them full, and saying "guys, here's another cupboard we need to pack".

Nobody else seemed to care, and weirdly, I hardly did either. It was kind of a pseudo-anxiety dream in that respect: full of reasons to be anxious, but no actual anxiety. Eventually I decided to start sorting the contents of cupboards myself and start putting them into boxes, even though there was no way I could possibly finish in time.

And then suddenly it was take-your-cat-to-work-day and I brought Marie with me to my job at an office supply store.
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The Oregon Sinfonietta is having another concert:

Sunday, May 10th at 3:00 p.m.
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church, 10501 SE Market Street just East of I-205
Free (donations accepted)

Svendsen – Symphony No. 2 in Bb major, op. 15
Beethoven – Concerto No. 5 in Eb Major, "Emperor"
soloist, CMSO Competition winner William Han

I'm in the first row for this concert! That means the conductor can tell when I mess up!

Much better

Those OkCupid e-mails to tell you that someone's been looking at your online dating profile, or that it thinks it might have found a potential match for you? They get annoying when you're in a relationship. Today I figured out how to turn them off. Let's hope it's a long time before I feel like turning them on again :)

Yes, gentle readers, I'm dating someone, for the first time in longer than I care to admit publicly. It has been going on for somewhere between a week and a month, depending on how you count. I'm having a fabulous time. I'd forgotten what a wonderful feeling it is to start a relationship.

For those of you for whom this is news, or who already knew but were holding back, this post is the one forum in which I will explicitly condone shocked gasps and other forms of good-natured teasing. You may begin.