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Learning Guitar going really well. I just spent about the last hour playing along with Jack Johnson, trying to follow along with his chords. I feel like I have the following chords pretty well under my fingers: D, D7, A, A7, Em, E, G, Bm, B7, F#m.

"Pretty well" in this case means that I can typically manage to remember the chord, put my fingers in position, and make a strum by the time ol' Jack has moved on to the next chord. Bm, B7, and F#m are all bar chords (barre?) which means they sound terrible when I try to play them. But two weeks ago I couldn't even imagine how playing a bar chord was possible. Now I can at least imagine.

Jack Johnson's music is good for a beginning guitarist to play along with. He picks keys that are easy to play on the guitar, and his music has strong beats on 2 and 4, so if you spend beats 1 and 3 trying to find the chord, you can still feel like you're doing a good job of playing along.
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