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Saw the movie Thirteen tonight. It definitely gets the Paul thumbs up, though not quite as much of a thumbs up as Dirty Pretty Things. Warning: I'm a real gourmand when it comes to movies, so take my raves with a grain of salt.

I don't think I'll spoil anything if I tell you there's a lot of material in this movie about thirteen year old girls doing everything they can think of to try to be popular. It reminded me of something pmb told me a while back (He was parapharising someone else, and now I'm paraphrasing him, so pass it on and we'll have an urban legend): "You gotta realize that some people, while they're in school, decide to make it their 80-hour-a-week job to be popular. Those of us who are nerds didn't do that. Maybe we spent our time studying, and did really well in school. Or we spent our time practicing some hobby, and now we're really good at it. So we shouldn't feel like a failure when we see that some people are much much better than us at meeting people, forming friendships, and being popular. They've been working on it their entire lives, while we were learning other talents."

For example, during the thirteenth year of my life, I didn't make too many friends. Nor did I drink alcohol, do drugs, or get any part of my body pierced. I did, however, spend a fair amount of time messing about with computers. Now I get to mess around with computers for a living. And thanks to the internet, I can now be social without having to develop my social skills any further. Ha ha!
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