Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

Split-brained moose

Yeah, yeah, this is another nerdy juggling pattern.

We started this pattern out trying to invent a feed version of Moose where one feedee takes the role of the left hand and the other takes the role of the right hand. In the end I'm not sure what we ended up with, but the feeder is doing something that's mostly like Moose.

Detailed description

The pattern is seven beats long. Both feedees are doing the same sequence of passes, except out of phase with each other and with opposite handedness.

The feedee to the feeder's left starts with 4 clubs and does: L pass, R-L self, L pass, R-L self, L-L self, L pass, R-L self.

The feedee to the feeder's right starts with 3 clubs and does: R-R self, R pass, L-R self, R pass, L-R self, R pass, L-R self.

The feeder starts with 2 clubs and does: pause, simul, pause, R pass, L pass, R pass, L pass. All passes are to the outside.

Causal Diagram
Split-brained Moose
  • Timing is a bit fudgy. The first feedee seems to bear the brunt of the burden for making the pattern work. According to the causal diagram, it looks like the first feedee should begin half a beat early, but in practice we all start at the same time.
  • SJRI has a different pattern with a similar name: the Mock Moose Feed. I haven't tried it yet.
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