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NY Update

(...continued from NY Trip, Day 1)

We pick up the story Friday evening, around 7pm, when 175560, springbok1, Dylan, Tarah, and I met up with Greg Rae at a nice little restaurant in Chelsea. After some lovely angel hair pasta with shrimp and a little white wine, my traveling stupor began to wear off. Greg and Brian had a lot of major partying/clubbing/bar-hopping plans for the evening, but the rest of us were more interested in wandering around the city and possibly catching a glimpse of the ball at times square. So after a brief return to Brian's apartment, he and Greg toodled off to have their respective good times.

Ooh! Brian just pointed out that Abi has already thoroughly documented Friday night's events here. Since I'm lazy and there are interesting conversations going on around me right now, I'll just refer you do that. Short version of the story: we did wander around the city, and some of us even saw the ball drop. I, unfortunately, was expecting the ball to be much larger, so even though it was within my field of view, I completely failed to see it. Oh, well.
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