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Home inspection, pictures

My House This morning was the home inspection. I took lots of pictures.

The home inspector's name was Susan Walker. I successfully resisted the urge to call her Giselle.

Highlights of Susan's report:
  • Several of the downspouts empty very close to the house. Susan recommended either installing splash blocks or running downspout extensions away from the house.
  • Some tree branches are too close to the house. She recommended trimming the trees at least 6" away from the house.
  • The furnace and intake vent are extremely dirty (in spite of being brand new). The seller is a company that buys fixer-uppers, fixes them, and resells them at enormous profit, so we assume the dirt accumulated from construction activities. Susan recommended having the furnace cleaned and serviced.
  • There are a few electrical problems. The panel has no main shutoff switch. One of the circuits uses aluminum wiring. Several 3 prong outlets are miswired and lack a proper ground connection. One of the outlets has no power at all.
  • The toilet on the main floor is loose.
In addition we had a sewer specialist come and do a sigmoidoscopy on the sewer system. His little sewer-cam discovered a broken 45-degree joint under the driveway where the sewer heads out to the street. Using a high-tech dowsing rod he located the break and marked the spot on the driveway with a big X. Unfortunately, the sewer-cam wasn't able to get past the break. But he says the rest of the sewer is probably OK, since it's just a straight shot out to the street after that 45 degree break. He recommended digging up a few feet of driveway to replace the broken joint and the pipe that leads up to it, and installing a clean-out that's outside the house.

The thing that concerns me most right now is the sewer thing.

Last but not least, I personally inspected the main floor ceiling height for juggleability, and found I could do a 7 ball flash with room to spare :-)

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