Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

Quick update

I have internet service at the house now, so here's a quick update.

  • Moving in on Saturday went great. The movers were fast, careful, efficient, and amazingly strong. My new housemate, Emerson, also moved in on Saturday.
  • On Sunday my co-worker Jimi came over and installed a phone line for me. So now I have a phone number at the house. I think I'm going to have people keep using my cell, though.
    Then I went to Linus's birthday party, and then ideath and conform's pie party (which I invited Emerson to). I had been planning to just bring a storebought pie, but Emerson said, "if you go get some ingredients, I'll make us a pie". It was strawberry/rhubarb, it turned out great.
  • Monday: work and unpacking.
  • Tuesday: I had a guy out from Mr. Nash, Inc. to clean out the furnace and vents. He said he had never seen a furnace so new that was so dirty. We figure the furnace was being operated while the house was being remodeled, so it gathered a huge amount of construction dust.
  • Wednesday: work and juggling, and get DSL to work. My web server isn't set up yet, but at least I can read LJ again.
  • This morning: wake up to the sound of a garbage truck a block away, suddenly remember it's garbage day, bring my garbage can out to the curb.

I'm sure my life will remain very busy for a good long while. I have a wedding in Washington this weekend, and another in California next weekend. I have a huge amount of unpacking to do. But I'm taking all of next week off work, so that should give me a jump on things.
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