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What's purple and commutes?

I bought a bicycle today. It's really more blue than purple, but I do plan to use it for commuting, so close enough. I think I may have to do a few test rides on my own first, to get the hang of the whole "riding on the road" thing. During my test ride, I felt very uncomfortable around cars, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to take it out on the streets in the dark yet (which would be inevitable if I commuted on it).

And speaking of group theory, I finally decided today that I had put off learning the subject for long enough. So I went to Powell's Technical and got me a book about it. Nice thing about living in Portland: if you realize at 5pm on a Sunday that you must have a book about group theory, you can have it in your hands by 5:30.

Since I was already downtown, I decided to have a sandwich, read a little, and then see a movie. Non-nice thing about living in Portland: everything closes real early on Sunday. I couldn't believe it--I was in the middle of downtown looking for a clean, well-lighted place I could read my math book for an hour, and the only place open was a Starbucks. I finally compromised my principles and chose that over freezing my butt off. One thing I can say for the Pioneer Courthouse Square Starbucks, they have nice comfy chairs.

Reading the math book was a lot of fun. This was my first time reading a math book completely for my own personal edification, without school or work forcing me into it. Oddly enough, being personally motivated to learn the subject really made it come alive. BTW, I should thank 175560 for telling me various interesting tidbits about group theory over the years, and making me realize I really want to know more about things that do things to other things. Never mind.

I saw the movie "The Station Agent". Utterly fascinating. I couldn't tell you what the movie was about if you put a gun to my head, but I still really enjoyed it. Then again, I also enjoyed Matrix Revolutions, which apparently totally sucked. I've said it before: take my movie recommendations with a grain of salt.
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