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Ain't Misbehavin'

It looks like musicianship has been slowly but steadily re-entering my life.

I spent the entire morning transcribing the chord sequence for "Ain't Misbehavin'" from my brand new Stephane Grappelli CD, and then trying to learn it on the guitar.

The "transcribing the chord sequence" part worked out really well. The "learning on guitar" part, not so much. Though I guess I shouldn't be too critical of myself. I have been playing guitar for less than a year.

I can't decide whether it's a crutch or a benefit that I spend so much time comparing what I play on the guitar to what I play on the piano. The purist in me says that if I keep going to the piano while I'm working on the guitar, I'll never be able to play the guitar as a guitar, I'll always be thinking of the piano while I play it. But the pragmatist in me has noticed that every time I try to correlate my knowledge of guitar and piano, my knowledge of guitar skyrockets.

Here are the changes I worked out:

Ain't Misbehavin'

The process I used to figure out the changes was a combination of listening to the CD, playing the piano along with the CD, listening to the CD and taking notes, and playing the piano without the CD and taking notes. Iterated for several hours.

I was rather surprised to discover my hands falling naturally into chords like G7b13 and A7b9. If you had asked me before today, I would have staunchly claimed not to understand chords with numbers above 7 in them. But as I was feeling out chords this morning, I found myself obstinately wanting to put Eb's in my G7 chords and Bb's in my A7 chords. I think what's happened is that I've used these chords for years, but I never thought of them the way they are named. I thought of an A7b9 chord as a C#°7 chord with an A in the bass (which is equivalent to A7b9), and a G7b13 chord as a G+ chord and a G7 chord played simultaneously (which is enharmonically equivalent to G7b13).

I wonder if there are other chords I know, but haven't been able to correlate with their conventional names.
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