October 19th, 2003


I am journal boy

First of all, many thanks to pmb for talking me into setting up a LiveJournal. And chocolatesmudge for providing me with a code so I could get my account. And nedthealpaca for actually hooking me up with the code.

My entrance into the LiveJournal fray arose out of some conversations Peter and I had on the drive to and from lodi. (Hmm, is it an LJ faux pas to mention his real name?) I was blathering about the internet's ability to bring people together, and Peter mentioned his triumvirate of tools for keeping in touch with people: AOL Instant Messenger, LiveJournal, and Friendster.

Follower that I am, I'm now signed up on all three. AIM I can vouch for already. Peter and I spent about an hour chatting this morning--it didn't cost me a cent, and it was way more fun than talking on the phone! (Of course, a lot of the fun was watching this cute little ninja image that Peter somehow magically transmitted onto my screen). My jury is still out on LJ and Friendster.

Then I gave that a rest and spent several hours working on my HOME THEATER OF DOOM. I finally implemented a cunning plan from a few weeks ago that was supposed to get rid of a subtle buzzing sound in the rear speakers. The plan was 100% successful until I turned the amplifier off. Then the buzzing returned. Argh. And don't even start with me about conservation of energy. If I could settle for a normal stereo like everyone else I wouldn't be having these kinds of problems. :-)

Hmm, well. That was a ramble. Stay tuned for more.
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