October 25th, 2003


Mmm... Paul is happy now.

I spent the day in bachelor paradise. No cooking, no cleaning, didn't do anything responsible.

I did spend a fur piece of time goofing around with my computer, watching old reruns of South Park, juggling, reading Terry Pratchett, taking a bath, and just padding about my apartment being a slob. Also I got to talk on the phone to my friends Brian (from Mudd) and Dan (from high school). That alone would make for a great day.

Then, for the piece de resistance (sorry, don't know how to make accent marks in LJ), I hopped in my car and went to see Dirty Pretty Things. Now that's my kind of movie. Morally ambiguous, gripping, romantic, somewhat disturbing, has Audrey Tatou in it, and all in all exceedingly well done. What more could I ask for?

I think I'm going to declare today to be Paul's Birthday Observed.
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