February 4th, 2004


Juggling Nerdity

Juggling was really friggin' cool tonight.

For the past week or two I have been gradually convincing Tim and Cyrus (sp?) to start learning 2/3 feed. Tonight Tim started making leaps and bounds in progress, to the point where he could keep the pattern going for about 10-15 passes. I am finally learning to pass the gap consistently when I'm the feeder, which is great because it means we can recover from drops now.

Cyrus unfortunately took a club to the eye at one point (don't worry, he's fine), so he took a break to wash it out, and Tim and I started working on 7 club doubles and singles. Tim is also making leaps and bounds of progress in those patterns (damn him!)

Eventually Stuart came by and joined us for some 10 club feeding, both on singles and doubles. I really should juggle with Stuart more often--he has a real talent for knowing exactly what to do or suggest to really help me develop as a juggler. Thanks mostly to his guidance, I finally understand the proper way to hold 3 clubs in one hand now (at one point I was able to do a successful start with 3 clubs in each hand). Stuart also threw me a bunch of double-height tomahawks, and quads, which were delightful fun to try and catch.

On the way home I suddenly decided that I should go to the Damento juggling festival. Unfortunately, I really don't know if I can pull off a 3-day trip to California on such short notice (the festival begins Friday). I have no plane tickets, I don't know where I would stay, I haven't packed, and I don't know if I even can get time off work. But if I'm still feeling this excited about going tomorrow morning, I'm damn well going to try.

And if it doesn't work out, there's a cool-sounding concert in Portland on Sunday that I could go to instead.
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