August 23rd, 2004



Some people have been asking me how my juggling festival trip went last weekend (8/14-8/16).

It was great.

I was a little small for my taste in juggling festivals (seemed like a little over 100 people), but it more than made up for it because of how friendly everyone was. The folks that run the Coeur d'Alene juggling club are extremely cool people.

Highlight #1 of the festival: I got to learn two club passing tricks with Vova Galchenko: the pirouette trick, and kick-ups from 6 clubs into 7. I learned enough that I can now pull of the first trick, and I can almost pull off the second trick, when passing with mere mortals. (For those of you non-jugglers, Vova and his sister Olga have the ability to slow down time, so just because you can do the trick with one of them doesn't mean you know it yet).

Highlight #2 of the festival: Getting a bunch of great tips on 5 ball juggling from Ben Schoenberg, which are already starting to bear fruit. He lives in Portland, so I feel silly for not just asking his advice at a normal juggling club meeting. :-)

Highlight #3 of the festival: Frank Olivier at the public show. What an incredibly funny, talented performer.

Highlight #4: the festival after party.

Biggest let-down of the festival: I didn't schedule a long enough trip to go on the post-festival river-rafting trip. Next year I will.

In other news, my life continues to be fun-busy, with cool stuff to do about 3-5 evenings a week. I am beginning to theorize that the primary contributor to happiness is the amount of time you spend with people you like. (Makes me wonder why I live alone...)
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