September 20th, 2004


Lopez Island Jugglefest

...was awesome. I'd forgotten what a great festival it is. Rick Purtee put it best on the ferry ride over there: there are juggling festivals and there are juggler festivals. Juggling festivals are about the juggling--they are really well organized, have a huge amount of juggling, lots of workshops, a big budget, etc. Juggler festivals are about the jugglers--they're just a bunch of friends getting together to juggle and have a good time. IJA is the ultimate juggling festival. Lopez is the ultimate juggler festival--it's a giant three day party that happens to be attended by a bunch of jugglers.

Highlights of the festival:
- The fabulous fabulous food. You all just can't imagine. It is beyond words.
- Sitting by the campfire Saturday night singing songs until 1:30 AM. This was so much fun that I have decided I want to learn the guitar, so I can play a bigger part in such things in the future.
- Learning two new ways to do a walk-around.
- Learning how to do a walk-around while exchanging a hat.
- Learning a faster, more exciting version of one of my favorite juggling patterns: the shooting star.
- Learning (or perhaps, being reminded of the existence of) Turlock Fast-Slow.
- Juggling at the slow, easy-going Lopez pace where everything is easier.
- Getting to see Dylan and Tarah on Saturday afternoon and evening.
- And of course, the naked fire juggling show*.

*Sorry, fans. I did not participate. Maybe next year I will be bolder.
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