October 2nd, 2004


Mmmmmmmmmm? Mmmmmmmmmm!

Item! Portland Juggling Festival last weekend. It was incredibly fun, as always. I got to see pmb and bagoffarts, both of whom I hadn't seen in months. Also spent a lot of time hanging around with j3h. The highlight of the festival was the four of us diagramming a complex juggling pattern on the chalkboard at 1am Sunday morning.

Item! I borrowed a guitar from j3h on Thursday, so I can finally start learning to play. Yesterday I went through a few pages of the Mel Bay "Mastering the Guitar 1A" book to get myself oriented, then I put some James Taylor on the stereo and tried just grooving along. I actually suck a lot less than I expected to. After about 4 songs I realized I had a blister on my right thumb, so I had to stop. Must buy guitar pick.

Item! Thursday night I saw The Dark Crystal at Laurelhurst Theater with chocolatesmudge and supafun. I had forgotten what a beautifully visual movie it is--it was great to see it on the big screen. Oh, and there was a preview for a re-release of Lucas's THX 1138. I think I will have to see that movie, just because.
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