February 1st, 2005


Yes, Indeed

On Monday the 24th I randomly decided to try walking to work. Or, more accurately, walking/riding (the MAX, Portland's light rail system, gets me about halfway there, and then I walk about 1.5 miles). I think that still counts as walking to work. I've walked to work three more times since then, and I'm doing it again this morning.

It's great. It makes me feel awake and alert all day at work, it gives me a good excuse to be outside even though it's winter, and I know that I'm getting a healthy dose of exercise. I highly recommend it for anyone who's got the option.

Only two disadvantages: 1. given that it's winter, I have no choice but to wear shoes. Hopefully in a few months that won't be a problem anymore. 2. total commuting time is an hour each way (as opposed to the 15 minutes I'm used to). That sucks up a lot of time. Speaking of which, gotta go.
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    The gnomes in my head are singing "I'm walkin'"