June 5th, 2005



(For those of you who don't know, I am buying a house. Previously, I've only posted about it in friends only mode, but since it looks like the deal is going to go through, I guess it's time to tell the world!)

Closing date for the house is June 21... that's sixteen days away...

Last time I moved, I rented a u-haul and had a bunch of friends over to help me pack. It was fun to have everyone over (we had a big ol' moving party), but packing was a big pain. Especially since I left most of it till the last minute. And especially especially because we had to carry all the furniture down a flight of stairs.

This time, I have about twice as much furniture, and twice as many flights of stairs to go down. So I've arranged for professionals do the physical labor. Moving day is Saturday the 25th.

I'm still going to box up the smaller stuff myself (it saves money because the movers charge by the hour), but they get to carry it down the stairs. And they get to deal with the furniture.

I'm doing a better job than last time at getting the packing done early. Check out the pile o' boxes: