June 30th, 2005


Quick update

I have internet service at the house now, so here's a quick update.

  • Moving in on Saturday went great. The movers were fast, careful, efficient, and amazingly strong. My new housemate, Emerson, also moved in on Saturday.
  • On Sunday my co-worker Jimi came over and installed a phone line for me. So now I have a phone number at the house. I think I'm going to have people keep using my cell, though.
    Then I went to Linus's birthday party, and then ideath and conform's pie party (which I invited Emerson to). I had been planning to just bring a storebought pie, but Emerson said, "if you go get some ingredients, I'll make us a pie". It was strawberry/rhubarb, it turned out great.
  • Monday: work and unpacking.
  • Tuesday: I had a guy out from Mr. Nash, Inc. to clean out the furnace and vents. He said he had never seen a furnace so new that was so dirty. We figure the furnace was being operated while the house was being remodeled, so it gathered a huge amount of construction dust.
  • Wednesday: work and juggling, and get DSL to work. My web server isn't set up yet, but at least I can read LJ again.
  • This morning: wake up to the sound of a garbage truck a block away, suddenly remember it's garbage day, bring my garbage can out to the curb.

I'm sure my life will remain very busy for a good long while. I have a wedding in Washington this weekend, and another in California next weekend. I have a huge amount of unpacking to do. But I'm taking all of next week off work, so that should give me a jump on things.

Last Thursday

This evening I have been exploring the neighborhood phenomenon known as Last Thursday. It's kind of a regularly scheduled street fair that happens on the last Thursday of each month along Alberta Street, between about 15th and 30th Ave. I'm on 24th, just North of Alberta, so I'm pretty much smack dab in the middle of it.

As I write this, there is African drumming and fire dancing going on at the bus stop about 200 feet from my house. It's awesome :-)