May 11th, 2006


A few items of news

  1. I hereby declare that I'm over my two illnesses from the last two weeks. I still have a lingering cough, but it's a doddle. And all of my other symptoms are gone, and I can tell that my cough is much better today. So, yay!

  2. I had a deck contractor come over today to have a look at the place and give me ideas about what to do with the hot tub I'm going to get. Based on his website I know he does nice stuff. He had a lot of good ideas, the best of which was: go ahead and get the hot tub, then while you're relaxing in it, think about what you want the deck to look like.

    At first I was thinking that I wanted to build a completely enclosed area for the hot tub, partly for privacy reasons and partly for shelter reasons. He pointed out that (a) A hot tub feels nice and comfy and warm even if it's snowing, (b) it's nice to be out in the open air, and (c) I actually have a lot of privacy already, and I could easily take care of the few patches of non-privacy by putting up a trellis or two.

    He gave me some very rough estimates of how much stuff would cost, and it wasn't too bad, especially compared with how much the hot tub is going to cost. So: yay again!

  3. Last but not least, dlakelan is visiting Portland this weekend, and we are thinking of doing some hiking in the Columbia river gorge on Saturday. Anybody want to come?
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