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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Saturday, May 13th, 2006

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I just had a wonderful day of hiking with dlakelan, his wife, and his friend Dennis. We started at Angel's Rest trailhead, hiked up to what I presume is Angel's Rest, and then hiked back. I'm guessing we went about 5 miles.

I had never hiked that particular part of the Columbia River gorge before. It's really beautiful. I think I may have to start hiking it regularly.

It was my first hike of the season and I'm out of shape. Also, I forgot to take sunscreen so I think I'm a little burned. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

Hung out in the evening with j3h, Linus, wackyanimal, and Joel. Played a nice rousing game of frisbee in the evening. I don't think I've played frisbee that seriously since I got good at juggling. It was interesting to see how I approached the game differently. For example, I used to keep my eye on the frisbee at all times. Today, as soon as I could see what was happening, I would look away for something else interesting. I'm quite sure that's a side-effect of juggling, because when I'm juggling, the times when I don't have to look at the clubs are so few and far between that I instinctively use that time to scan my surroundings.

I was intending to go to lindseykuper's concert this evening, but I am just too tired. I hope it went well, Lindsey :)

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