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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Monday, August 7th, 2006

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I had a very nice weekend indeed. It included:
  • Lots of piano playing.
  • Lots of juggling.
  • Finding (and fixing) a rattle in my piano.
  • Crashing a wedding.
  • Going to my second Ginggang show. I think I'm a fan now.
  • Having a very nice brunch with a huge group of cool people: anonamyst, boojum, conform, esmesquall, ideath, j3h, jes3199, ouro, tornadogrrrl, Barb, Eli, and Martin. (I'm leaving someone out. Who am I leaving out?)
  • Helping out with the New York Times Sunday crossword.
  • At last learning how to play Magic.
  • Reading David Foster Wallace.
  • Kegging the beer conform helped me make at the beginning of July. It tastes pretty good.
  • And a lot of good conversation.
I feel truly privileged to have such wonderful friends to hang out with.

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