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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

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Open Agile Northwest
Today was the first day of Agile Open Northwest, an Open Space conference on agile software development.

This was my first Open Space conference. I really like the concept: get together a bunch of people who are passionate about a subject (in our case 120), give them a bunch of meeting rooms and flip charts, and let them organize their own damn conference. It actually sounds way more touchy-feely than it is. Today I attended conference sessions on the following topics:
  • Functional testing tools
  • Encouraging bravery
  • Sharing responsibility with the customer
  • Testing legacy code
  • Agile phobia*
  • Technical skills for agile development
*I ran this session.

A lot of cool people were there, including Arlo and most of the crew from Blue Tech, boojum, Emerson, and some famous people like Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck. (Arlo is apparently also famous--I didn't realize this until today).

Also, I met a fellow audio geek who likes formal methods and wants to hang out with nerds. We exchanged e-mails.


Also, I found out today about Python code sprints. Actually I think I'd heard about them before, but for some reason it never registered until today. Now I simply must attend one.

Current Mood: tired
This is a repeat announcement. There has not been a gate change.
Sunday, Feb 4.

Lord of the Rings.

All three movies.

Extended Editions.

In one day.

Happy House Basement (5025 NE 24th).

Breakfast to commence at 9am. First movie to commence at 10am.

The Superbowl will not be involved.

RSVP is admired but not required.

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