April 22nd, 2007



For those of you who haven't heard, I'm taking a tango class. It is awesome. Today was our second class. I'm pretty awful at it, but I was noticeably less awful today than last week. I feel like in about four more weeks I will be competent enough that I would actually feel comfortable going to a tango event that wasn't a class. Of course, I realize that some of you will probably manage to drag me out dancing way before that. That's a good thing, even though the thought of it right now gives me butterflies.

Anyway, because I'm that kind of nerd, I'm going to give my impressions of Tango by comparing and contrasting it with club passing:

  • So far, I'm only good at club passing.
  • You can practice juggling by yourself, and 90% of what you learn transfers over to passing clubs with a partner. I don't really see a way to practice tango by myself.
  • All the people in Portland who are really into club passing could fit into one large room.
  • The vast majority of club passers have no interest whatsoever in synchronizing their movements to the music.
  • In tango, one person is always understood to be leading and the other to be following. Club passing doesn't have this, and that creates a lot of confusion.
  • You can pass clubs with an odd number of people.

  • There's really no good reason that men have to be paired with women all the time.
  • An important skill seems to be to telegraph your intentions to your partner using subtle body language. Although it is possible to describe how this works, you really need to learn it by feel.
  • When you first start learning, you feel totally incompetent.
  • In club passing, there are certain patterns where you have to pretty much clear your head and just react to what the other person is doing (for example, random three count). Following in tango seems to be exactly the same way.
  • I really enjoy it.
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