June 12th, 2007

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Several of you have been dying to see the movie that I appeared in Friday night at Portland's "bicycle pornography" film festival. Several of you have been dying to know whether I actually participated in Saturday night's World Naked Bike Ride.

Well, die no longer!

The movie (safe for work) may be found here: Theories of Bicycle Pornography. Props to ideath and esmesquall for the writing, and tornadogrrrl for the editing. It was pretty well received.

Another movie from the fest (made by freyley and others) is here: Steel Framed Lover. That one's mostly safe for work.

And re: WNBR, yes, I did participate. The ride was loads of fun, and astonishingly long (about 13 miles, I think). We did a lot of riding through downtown, especially around the clubbing scene, where there were lots of people hanging out on the street waiting to get in to places. It seemed like nearly everyone was thrilled to see hundreds of naked and semi-naked bicyclists suddenly swarming the street. We got loads of cheers, lots of high fives, and even a few bystanders flashing us. The experience was kind of like this (definitely not safe for work), except it lasted about and hour and a half. Portland apparently had the largest ride in North America again this year. I love my city!