July 19th, 2007


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Today (okay, yesterday) I changed the brake pads on my bike. In the park. It was fun.

Note to self: change brake pads more frequently than once every 1400 miles. Once I had the new pads on, it became clear how much I had gradually become accustomed to having to brake harder and harder. I was in dire need of new brake pads. Ungood.

Also, my front pads wore more worn than my rear ones, which means I have been favoring them. Which means that if I don't get out of that habit, one of these days I'll flip over my handlebars trying to make an emergency stop. Plusungood.

Laughing Planet burritos: good.

Practicing the "torture chamber" juggling pattern: plusgood.

I was about to go to bed tonight, when I was invited to a screening of Twelve Monkeys below decks. Doubleplusgood.

If this journal entry seems short and choppy, it's because it's 2 a.m. and I'm very tired. Tomorrow morning will be doubleplusungood. Worth it though.


If anyone is wondering where I am this weekend, or what I'm doing:

j3h, jes5199, boojum, and I will be doing the ICFP programming contest this year. The contest starts in 5.5 hours.

It ends Monday at 3am. Which, for all practical purposes, means it ends Sunday at around noon. Because damn if we're going to miss an awesome anniversary party cause of some contest.

Anyway, between now and Sunday, if anyone feels like feeding us, or hanging out at cafes with us, or giving us backrubs, or listening to us complain about how hard the problem is, or working on the problem with us*, or reminding us to sleep, or going on bike rides with us, I'm sure those things would all be welcome.

I'm not begging or anything, I'm just saying.

*There is no limit on team size, so it's totally within the rules for us to recruit our friends.