November 28th, 2007



I just came back from having an absolute blast, roller skating for tornadogrrrl's birthday. At first I was telling people it had been 5 years since I'd skated. On further reflection I decided it was probably more like 10. I think I may have ice skated 5 years ago, perhaps.

I was extremely unsteady at first. An hour and a half later I was zipping around the rink almost as quickly as the slow skaters. And feeling very coordinated. I very nearly fell about a dozen times. I only actually fell once, square on me bum, which padded the fall quite nicely. I think I have unicycling to thank for preventing the other 11 falls.

You know, I almost didn't go, out of fear that I would be awful at it or not enjoy it. Fortunately, the internalized voices of pmb and keystricken bullied me into going. I'm so glad I have little internalized versions of you sitting on my shoulders to remind me to be brave.