January 19th, 2008


(no subject)


All is going well in my preparations to go to Mexico. Scheduled arrival time in Mexico City is 7:20pm Monday the 21st, on Delta flight 8095. I'll also have a layover for a couple of hours in Los Angeles, perhaps long enough to grab a cup of coffee and some pie. Unfortunately, I fear my recent experiences at the double-R have left me spoiled (the cherry pie there: heavenly), so I don't have high hopes.

My next assignment, though, promises to be an interesting one. It seems that a car, name of Nucifer, has gone missing somewhere in the vicinity of Austin, Texas. Authorities at first dismissed it as a routine incident, but two suspicious facts have surfaced recently, necessitating my involvement. Those facts are:

1. Details concerning the car's disappearance have been scant. In fact, searching through my records, all I can find is one reference to it being "broken", another declaring it "caput", and a phone conversation in which my colleague empty_fork said merely that "the car is no more". Although I have the greatest respect for her professionally, and I am sure her assessment is correct, this is not the kind of report I am accustomed to receiving from a field office. Where are the eyewitness accounts, the police report, the coroner's report? Mark my words, Diane, someone down in Austin is hiding something.
2. There are reports of a person known only as "troll" being the last person to attempt to resuscitate the car. I believe that this "troll" may be the very same person as the dancing dwarf from my recent dreams.

empty_fork and my other two colleagues, herb and travlog, have been following the trail of Nucifer's mysterious disappearance for some time now, a trail which has led them to a most unlikely location: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, about 120 miles out from Mexico City. Which is why I'll be flying into Mexico City to meet them. They have already laid out an itinerary for our investigation, starting hopefully with a visit to my cousin Vince in Mexico City Monday night. (I am still awaiting confirmation from Vince on this aspect of the plan). After that, we will proceed to the coast, collect some samples of water, sunshine, and sand for later forensic analysis, and then head North with due care until we reach the great state of Texas. I expect the whole investigation to wrap up in a week's time, so I've booked a return flight on Monday the 28th from Houston, departure time 3:05pm, estimated arrival time in Portland 7:10pm, at which time I will proceed directly to the Franklin St. office to debrief. Of course, you know better than anyone, Diane, that in an investigation such as this one, the only thing that can be counted upon is that there will be surprises.

I'll continue sending these tapes as often as I can.