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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

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In the morning I rode my bicycle to work with a unicorn. Then I played with TV's at work all day*, learned 3 pieces of music in about 3 hours and arranged a fourth for new instrumentation, and then performed said music as part of a surprise birthday party.

Amazingly enough, the birthday girl seemed concerned that I had been imposed upon to come out at 9:30 at night and sit under the stars by a lake playing music. I guess she didn't know that this was the closest I've ever come to my lifetime dream. (Which, by the way, is to airlift a piano into a grassy field miles away from civilization, on a warm summer night, and play piano under the stars. It's going to happen one of these days, folks, and you'll all be invited).

I was originally planning to go to a new tango class tonight. But I don't care. Today was awesome.

*Playing with TV's at work all day: not necessarily as fun as it sounds

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