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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

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Nice evening
I had dinner with this person this evening at this place. Delicious. We had a vegan Mazza for two and a spinach pie. Delicious. Did I say that already? I was stuffed.

Then we headed over to here, where Mari was planning to do some of this. I was planning to do some of that too, originally, but I decided that I hadn't had enough of this recently. So we were planning to just sit around on one of these and chit chat for a while.

All of a sudden we ran into these two people, who were on their way to do this, only at a place more like this.

After chit-chatting with them for a bit we went into here, and sat on one of these, as originally planned, and carried on our conversation.

After a while I remembered that the place we were at had one of these in their large one of these, which was currently empty. So we snuck in and I came up with something like this. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doing that in places where I'm kinda not supposed to be.

Then I went home to take care of this and catch some of this.

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