April 12th, 2008


Mmmm, procrastinating.

I've been sitting in the window of my dining nook all morning, listening to the sound of birds, squirrels, and traffic. Soaking up this morning's incredible sun, and not doing taxes.

Ah, Portland. I do like your weather. You withhold sunny days from me for just long enough that when they happen I truly appreciate them. But honestly, couldn't you have waited just one more day so I could get my taxes done without feeling like I'm missing out?


Today was about 9 hours procrastinating and about 3 hours taxes. If I'd just gone ahead and done the taxes when I woke up, I'd have the whole day ahead of me still. Oh, well. I'm still quite happy right now. Perhaps because of the marvelous 76°F weather today. This was the first day of the year that I wore shorts (in this country).

I might also be happy because I'm looking forward to tomorrow, which looks to be shaping up as an ideal day. It will be:
- Morning: compose music
- Early afternoon: Sacred harp singing
- Late afternoon: linettasky's music appreciation class
- Evening: Play Rock Band with anonamyst, and maybe you (call me if interested)

Man, I have to start playing the lottery so that all my days can be like that.