May 3rd, 2008



I was just having a conversation last night about how one shouldn't feel too guilty about asking for help. Guess it's time to practice what I preach.

For reasons that I can't quite get a handle on I really want to fix my bike's gearshifter myself. Maybe it's because this is the umpteenth time it's broken and I'm not sure I trust the bike shop to fix it anymore. Maybe because I just want to successfully fix something mechanical for once. Maybe because to just keep bringing it into the shop for repair makes me feel powerless and dependent. In any case, this morning I tried to take it apart to figure out what was wrong, and reached a point in the disassembly process where I'm completely baffled. I don't even have the skills (tools? knowledge?) to put it back together at this point. There's one remaining bolt I can think to unscrew, but it's situated in such a way that it looks like if I unscrew it, the whole thing will burst into a million pieces.

I'm ready to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway--the worst that can happen is that I ruin it and have to order a new gearshifter online. But I'm out of time for now, and I wouldn't mind an extra pair of eyes and some company while I destroy my bike. Anybody who knows more about bikes than me (or is simply more mechanically inclined) want to come over and help me figure out what to do? Anybody who knows less than me want to come over and bumble around with me so at least I don't feel like the only idiot? Best time is probably tomorrow or this evening.

Gotta get my stats up

I'm mostly posting this meme because I want to see everyone else's answers :)

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Weird, not all of my zeros are actually zero. Apparently when you drop below a certain level they round down to zero? Anyway...