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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

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Programming contest, take two.
Remember last year when I entered the ICFP programming contest with boojum, jes5199, and j3h?

Well, we're entering again this year. It starts tomorrow at noon and runs for 72 hours, until Monday at noon.

Last year, team size was unlimited, so I invited anyone with any scrap of interest to join us and see if you like it. (And lindseykuper did, for the first several hours). Unfortunately, the rules have changed (grumble grumble), so I can't extend that invitation anymore.

But if you would like to help out, we are seeking people to:
- Notice when we are about to go nuts and encourage us to sleep, eat, drink, take walks, etc. (anonamyst did a bang-up job of this last year).
- Bring us take-out food (or cook for us) (several people did this last year, keystricken and anonamyst spring to mind).
- Hang out quietly with us while we work.
- Give us backrubs (I asked for this last year, and there were no takers. Well, I can dream).

And last but most certainly not least, keystricken has graciously offered to visit my cat Marie every now and then and keep her company. If anyone else wants to do that too, I will be extremely grateful.

Oh, our home base of operations will be Farpoint.

If last year's contest is any indicator, I will be in sporadic e-mail, LJ, and phone contact the whole time. And I'll be exhausted, and excited, and sleep-deprived, and acting like the total lunatic that I am, times eleventy-one. It should be quite a sight.

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