July 23rd, 2008


Is it just me, or are same-day appointments a thing of the past?

In which I whine about how difficult it was to get a same-day dental appointmentCollapse )

Growing up, I had Kaiser medical insurance and a dental plan that wasn't Kaiser. I don't remember my parents ever having trouble getting same-day medical appointments for anyone in the family.

But that seems to no longer be the case, at least with Kaiser. I've had to go through this kind of rigmarole two or three times over the last several years, to get same-day medical appointments. (And each time, it's been clear once I was at the doctor that, yes, I did indeed need to be seen that day). Now I've had to go through it with Kaiser dental.

In my new job, I'm going to have a non-Kaiser insurance, and I'll get to pick my own doctor and dentist (subject to certain constraints). So I ask you, my friends with medical insurance, are my expectations too high? Do you have trouble getting same day appointments when you need them? If not, can you tell me who your doctor and dentist are?