November 22nd, 2008


Dream log

The first thing I remember is daniel_t_miles driving me to a high school cross-country practice, which was way out in SE Portland, near the church where we do Sinfonietta concerts. We were discussing how I was going to get back to my car once practice was over, and I suddenly realized that I had no idea where I had parked. Dan, who spontaneously transformed into ms_nico_blue for this line of dialogue, informed me of the address. Then he transformed back into Dan and punched it into his magic google mapping cell phone to show me the location. The map identified a very specific parking space in the parking lot of a hotel, as though the address were sufficient information to identify the particular parking space I had parked in. I said, "oh, yes. That parking space."

Then we cut to a party later in the evening. Dan was still there, and I was still talking to him. At some point keturn interrupted the festivities to make an announcement: he had just finished paying off all his student loans. There was a small amount of scattered commendation for this, much less than he deserved for such an accomplishment. I, on the other hand, cheered, ran up and hugged him, and cried. Weird--when I'm awake, I have trouble getting myself to cry when I want to.

I returned to my conversation with Dan, in which he was telling me that for a while he had decided to become less dependent on his cell phone, because it had been feeling like an addiction to him. But then he changed his mind and decided to embrace his dependence on the technology. I bragged that I had no such addiction problem, and that to demonstrate, I would turn off my cell phone that instant and not turn it on again for a week. I whipped out the phone, and was instantly mesmerized by its shiny glow of technology, causing me to forget all else.

I awoke to the chilling realization that I had turned off my cell phone to watch Fall of the House last night, and forgotten to turn it on again. Good God, imagine the calls I could have missed!