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Haggar physicists create quantum slacks
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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

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Best hack ever

Audacity on my Ubuntu laptop has been kinda feisty recently--it starts chatting with the X server and doesn't want to get any work done. Usually I can beat it into submission with a combination of restarting Audacity, restarting the X server, and restarting the computer. But today, no dice. Nothing worked.

So I installed sshfs and audacity on my Mac laptop, used it to mount the home directory off my Ubuntu laptop, and now I'm doing the audio processing on the mac. The audio processing I'm doing is to export the Audacity project as .wav, back over sshfs to the Ubuntu laptop. So the dataflow is:

Ubuntu filesystem > sshd > wireless > sshfs > FUSE > Audacity (MAC) > FUSE > sshfs > wireless > sshd > Ubuntu filesystem

Of course, a reasonable person would have just copied the files over a thumb drive or something. It would have been far easier and faster. But I'm rather proud to have come up with such a complicated technological solution to the problem :)

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