February 12th, 2009


Fucking bastards

God damn it. I just signed up with timebridge.com, an online calendar aggregating service designed to help people schedule meetings. In the course of signing up, it asked me for my google password so that it could download my google calendar contacts list and connect to my friends' calendars. I allowed it to do this.

Then it offered to send invitations on my behalf to everyone on my google calendar contacts list. Since that's a fairly small group of people, and most of them I believe would be interested in this service, I told it to go ahead. But that's not what it did. Instead it sent invitations to everyone in my entire gmail address book. Which is a huge list of people, many of whom are professional contacts. Some of the entries in my gmail address book aren't people at all--they're mailing lists or bug tracking systems, and they've automatically recorded my spam for posterity in communities where I am trusted and respected.

I'm embarrassed and royally pissed off. In addition to misleading me about who they were going to e-mail, they sent the e-mails in such a way that on some e-mail clients, they appear to come from me, rather than from the timebridge service. As far as I'm concerned, they took advantage of my stupidity to make me an accomplice in sending spam. This happened minutes ago, and I have already had one phone call and a few e-mails from people who are frustrated that I spammed them. To all the people I spammed, I am sorry. I would apologize to you all in person, but I don't want to send out another mass e-mail.

To the smaller group, who was considering using timebridge to schedule a meeting with me: I am so upset that I want to cancel my timebridge account immediately. Can we find another way to arrange our meeting so that I don't have to keep an account with an organization that I am so angry at?