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Busy weekend ahead

For those of you who haven't heard (which is probably almost everybody), I am getting a piano on Friday! It's coming from my parents, and they called me about noon today to let me know that it's on the truck and headed up to Portland.

It's a baby grand. I can't wait to see how the movers manage to get it into the house :-)

In other news, bagoffarts, Dave, and Val are visiting this weekend for the Portland juggling festival. I am setting up sound for the festival. Once I've finished that, I get to practice some of the stuff I learned at last weekend's Lopez Island Jugglefest, such as the Seattle shuffle and contact club juggling. j3h and I also want to work on: fast-slow-slow-fast, fast-fast-slow-slow-fast, Jim's fast-slow-slow-fast, random 2/3 feed, no apparent reason, and Jim's 3-count accommodation.

If that last paragraph made absolutely no sense to you, then congratulations, you are not a juggling nerd.

In other other news, my 30th birthday party will be at my house on October 22. There will be homebrew beer (thanks to the Saluthaus), and hopefully a bunch of other fun stuff. Details to follow.
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