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Birthday party

Please consider yourself invited to my

End of Youth Party

That's right, I'm turning 30, and I want y'all to come over and help me celebrate it.

When: 2pm, Saturday October 22, until we stop.
Where: My house, 5025 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR

The party will feature:
- Beer by brewmaster Seamus
- Board games
- Live music by yours truly (and anyone else who wants to join in--all ability levels welcome)
- Other music by yours truly's laptop
- Liquor that people gave me as housewarming gifts (my housemates don't really drink, and I don't drink alone, so you need to come over to help me get through it)
- Ping pong tournament*
- Juggling (weather permitting)
- Food
- Other stuff

I'm not sure there will be anything quite as exciting as the outdoor movie we had at the housewarming, but I'll see what I can do.

No gifts, please.

If you're planning to come from out of town, post here or e-mail me and I'll find you a place to crash.

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