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The two weeks in review

I've been remiss in writing/reading LiveJournal recently, and hence out of touch with a bunch of you guys. If you're missing your fill of news from Paulsville, here are some recent highlights:

- 12/24-12/29: Went to Seattle to visit the family. Ate some great food. Watched a bunch of Babylon 5. Watched Jason play World of Warcraft. Fun and relaxing.

- 12/29: Drove home, went immediately to j3h's birthday party. Great.

- 12/29-12/31: Decided to be a hermit in my house, stayed up all night one night playing World of Warcraft myself. This I profoundly regret doing.

- 12/31-1/1: Went to qousqous's kick-ass new year's party. Told people I was going to write an opera about botulism. Was pretty much sober when I said this. Stayed up all night again. No regrets whatsoever this time.

- 1/3: Returned to work after an 11 day vacation. Felt totally relaxed and de-stressed all day long. Got home and spent about an hour and a half playing the piano. Gotta build up my musical skills if I'm gonna write that opera.

- 1/5: Party at the Saluthaus with pmb, goteam, and the Portland crowd. Brain-bendingly delicious.

There. Hopefully that's caught y'all up a little bit. I think I'll make a new year's resolution to start journalling again more frequently.

My other new year's resolutions currently are:
- Stop using the snooze button on my alarm clock
- Finally get around to calling the piano tuner Finally called them! Piano will be tuned on the 18th.
- Get a hot tub for my house

And now I would like to quote esmesquall, who expressed my current sentiments far more concisely than I, with my wandering prose, ever could:

"So far, 2006 is a whole lot of awesome."
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