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The good stuff:

I finished more curtains last weekend. These are in Emerson's room:

And here's Emerson modeling the one window I have left to do on the first floor:

The bad stuff: (note: not for the squeamish)

Last night I couldn't sleep because it felt like I had something in my left eye. I was blinking a lot, and frequently when I blinked my vision was hazy afterwards. I called Kaiser about midnight and spent about a half hour on hold waiting to talk to an advice nurse. The advice nurse said: you'd better come in to emergency tonight, and don't drive yourself.

So I called ideath and conform and asked them to take me to the emergency room. (Note: they are the best friends ever) We spent a further three hours waiting there, watching the olympics and chatting, with me feeling very uncomfortable and nervous.

Around 3:45am, they finally took me in, tested my vision, and looked inside my eye with a bunch of optical apparati. Result: nothing was in my eye. No scratches on the cornea or anything to indicate that there had been anything in my eye earlier. By this point, they had put anesthetic drops in my eye, so it didn't feel like anything was in there either. The doctor said I probably had an infection, so he gave me an antibiotic and sent me on my way.

Grr. That wasn't what I wanted to happen. I wanted them to find a speck of dust, get it out in some non-horrible fashion, and send me home feeling wonderful.

Today I am doing somewhat better. It still feels like I have something in my eye, but I haven't had the hazy vision I had last night. I slept in, skipped work, and picked up my prescription.

The pharmacist said the antibiotic generally starts having an effect in about 3 days...hopefully soon I will be back to normal.
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