Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

Geek Out II

Yesterday's Geek Out was a smashing success. j3h and jes5199 came and hung out for about 5 hours. We talked about programming languages, the perils of over-meta-programming, aspect-oriented programming (it's BS), and of course the infamous Peter Problem. I know there's more than just the three of us interested in this kind of gathering. So let's do another one.

What: A chance for über-programming-geeks to hang out, chat, write code, and be ourselves, away from the harsh judging eyes of SO's and non-geek friends.

Where: My house (5025 NE 24th Ave)

When: Saturday, 4/22, at 2pm.

Topic: How do you make <your favorite programming language> work for real-life large-scale projects? (And whatever other topics come up)

If we get bored, we'll crack open some old ACM programming problems and work on those for a while :)

Note: in the event of nice weather, we may fudge the time around a bit so that j3h and I can get some juggling in.
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