Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

Furnituris Rearrango!

Living Room
Originally uploaded by stereotype441.
Also dustbunnius begonus.

Hopefully this arrangement will make the room more hospitable to hanging out. The stereo and the piano are just out of sight to the left and right of the picture. The synth keyboard has moved upstairs.

Being on vacation seems to have given me magical powers of getting stuff done. Normally I am tired and sluggish on Saturday after a week of work, and don't feel like doing anything. But somehow this morning, when Emerson shamed me into cleaning stuff up, I felt like rearranging the furniture too.

I suppose the energy could also have been left over from the wonderful time I had last night hanging out with keystricken and company. Once it got dark, the party moved to the Happy House and we relaxed in the hot tub. (ideath's description of it is proving very apt: "an investment in future parties"). Thanks for coming over, y'all. I had a wonderful time.

Anyway, after rearranging furniture, I went to Geek Fair, where I got to do some juggling with conform (and two other folks who are in town for IJA). Also saw some nice printer smashing (photos on flickr). Then I headed out to Beaverton for a work celebration, where we all got nice plaques and had to put up with music that was too loud. (You'd think being an audio test and measurement company, we would know better. Oh, well.)

I came home and my housemates were watching West Side Story. It's been quite a good day.
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