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Fun with old friends

One of the nice things about coming to Lafayette for Thanksgiving is the number of people I know in the area. Yesterday afternoon Chase dropped by, and we spent a few hours geeking out with my iBook. Chase helped me get a bit of simple configuration out of the way, like setting up my desktop image, and making Internet Explorer no longer my default web browser. You know--essential stuff.

Hank came by a little later to hang around too. We did a little juggling, and a lot of chit-chatting, and had some nice leftover turkey for dinner. Henry is always so fun to hang around with.

In the evening Hank and I headed over to the Greene household and had a very nice supper. Yesterday was eat-like-a-hobbit day for me. I managed to have the full complement: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper. Fun to do once, especially when you're visiting friends and family who are very good cooks, but I don't necessarily recommend it on a permanent basis :^]

It was great fun to see the whole Greene clan. I also got to meet Julie's fiancé Chris, and got to see Alison, who I hadn't run into in ages. That was an unexpected pleasure. After supper we played a half-game of Munchkin (very funny game, esp. if you used to be a D&D fanatic, which I was). Then we watched The Court Jester, a classic 1950's farce. What a wonderful movie. I can't believe I had never seen it before.

Ah, old friends. And that isn't even half the people I know in the area. If I had been smart I would have contacted everyone before the trip and made plans. Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to see how many more I can get in touch with before the weekend is up :-)
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