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A big shout out to all the dudes and dudettes out there who gave us LiveJournal. I have decided that I like it enough to pay good money for it. And to start telling more of my friends and family about it. I have seen several online communities that sucked, and I've got to say, LiveJournal doesn't suck. Now that I'm a paid member, I have the special power to to give away n free LiveJournal accounts to people I like. I plan to use this power for good, not for evil. So if there are any friends of mine out there trolling my Journal anonymously, and you'd like to give LJ a shot, give me a holler. (Hint: if you know more than one person with a journal, it's worth it to get your own account even if you never write in it, because you can set up a friends page and read all your friends' journals in one place).


Yesterday was a very good day at work. We got some fairly conclusive evidence that our next product will run on a 1 GHz machine, when previously we thought it might require at least 2 GHz. I am very happy because this is mostly the result of a subsystem I redesigned earlier in the year. I'm sure this will help sales, and as a nice bonus it cuts the company's computer expenses for the next year. Never before have I been able to link one of my work accomplishments so directly with the company's bottom line. Happy me :-)

Now I have to figure out a non-weasely way of letting my boss know how much of a part I played in this accomplishment, so he will consider it in my next performance review, which is coming up very soon.

Today I was at work again, and I'll be back for at least part of tomorrow. Partly I'm catching up after my long TG break. Partly I'm working hard because the whole project is behind schedule. Sad me :-(. On the bright side, it's pretty rare that I've had to work a weekend in this job. I don't mind doing it every now and again.

Too bad it had to happen on about the most beautiful weather day that we're probably going to have for the next three months. It was downright warm when I went out to my car for lunch. Oh, well. I think I will try to brighten up the day by going out for a late movie.
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