Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

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Today (okay, yesterday) I changed the brake pads on my bike. In the park. It was fun.

Note to self: change brake pads more frequently than once every 1400 miles. Once I had the new pads on, it became clear how much I had gradually become accustomed to having to brake harder and harder. I was in dire need of new brake pads. Ungood.

Also, my front pads wore more worn than my rear ones, which means I have been favoring them. Which means that if I don't get out of that habit, one of these days I'll flip over my handlebars trying to make an emergency stop. Plusungood.

Laughing Planet burritos: good.

Practicing the "torture chamber" juggling pattern: plusgood.

I was about to go to bed tonight, when I was invited to a screening of Twelve Monkeys below decks. Doubleplusgood.

If this journal entry seems short and choppy, it's because it's 2 a.m. and I'm very tired. Tomorrow morning will be doubleplusungood. Worth it though.
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