Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

The Barack Obama speech that I was telling some of you about last night is here. It's a keynote address to a faith-based group called Call to Renewal. As an atheist, I am usually troubled by any hint of overlap between religion and politics. And this speech, being essentially about the difficult line where religion and politics meet, was definitely at risk of troubling me. But instead I found it inspiring and level-headed.

I'm not terribly well-informed politically, so my general approach to politics is to find someone who is well-informed and vote for who they vote for. In a sense I'm exercising my own tiny version of proxy voting. I'm pretty circumspect about who I'm willing to consider acting as my proxy. They have to be intelligent, thoughtful, and morally compatible with my beliefs. More than any other politician I've seen in a long time, Obama strikes me as the kind of person I'd be willing to trust my proxy vote to, which is really what you want in electing any representative, particularly a president.

By the way, you can also see this speech on YouTube. It's long, and definitely not as polished as the DNC speech from 2004. But perhaps if you want to see what a less-thoroughly-rehearsed Obama speech looks like it might be a good one to check out.

[Edit: props to cabanasloth for posting the original speech to LJ]
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