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Various things

Item the first: I bought a big pile of juggling toys at Serious Juggling this weekend. Six clubs and ten beanbags. All of them are purple. After I made my purchase, Ben informed me that my clubs are actually famous--they were presented to 13-yr-old juggling prodigy Olga Galchenko when she won the IJA's Flamingo Award last year. But she later decided she wanted a different color and traded them back. Heh.

Item the second: Spring appears to be getting underway early this year. We had incredibly warm weather this weekend, and tomorrow is expected to be just as good. I went for two very nice unicycle rides (must practice practice practice!)

Item the third: I made an appearance at work this weekend. Normally it's a bit of a bummer when that happens, but this weekend I managed to get about a 50x speedup in a critical CRC algorithm. So it was worth it. Ah, optimization is so much fun.

Item the fourth: If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must check out Nothing I could say here would really prepare you for the experience. (Requires sound and Macromedia Flash)

Wow, it's 5pm and the weather is still good! I think I will go for a walk.
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