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One of my goals for my summer vacation is to get better at cooking. freyley has been helping, and he's been doing a really good job of giving minimal guidance, forcing me to be creative, and encouraging me to think about flavors.

Here is what I made for Narnia last night, which I thought turned out pretty well:
- 3 sweet potatoes, cut into about 3/8 inch cubes. (Note: not yams. I used to think sweet potatoes and yams were the same thing. But I like sweet potatoes much better.)
- 2 red onions, cut into roughly 1-inch pieces.
- 1 bunch celery, cut slightly more finely than the potatoes.

Bake that all in a pan at 350° for about 30 minutes. (We actually used two pans initially, to keep the celery separate, because we didn't know whether it would work well with the dish or not. It worked, though).

Then pull the dish out, mix it up a little, and add the following. (Note, I didn't measure anything, so these amounts are pure off-the-cuff estimates):
- Olive oil (2 tbsp drizzled over the top)
- Salt (1-2 tsp)
- Nutritional yeast (1-2 tbsp, probably could have used more)

Bake for another 15-20 minutes.
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