Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

A home improvement story in pictures

Today Jeff, Kenny, and I finished taking out the holly tree from my front yard. I now know why God created chainsaws.

Check out where the tree used to be:
Where the holly tree used to be

It is now firewood
Destined for fireplaces

and yard debris.
Destined for yard debris

Now I won't have to step on spiky holly leaves anymore.
Why I don't like holly trees

BTW, I have no fireplace, so if you want some of the firewood, let me know. It will be first come, first served, except that dibs go to whoever comes over tomorrow morning to help us take the yard debris to Metro (Beth is renting a truck from 9am to noon). Note: Jeff and Kenny already earned their dibs today.

Also: yesterday Monica came over and helped me install combo locks on the remaining doors to the house:
Combo lock on the side door

Now I don't have to run around to the front when I come home from a bike ride, or one of my housemates accidentally locks me out while I'm in the hot tub.

Also also: the yard is now much sunnier
Front yard, sans tree

and I want to turn it into a garden. I will be having a work "party" (or "work" party, if you prefer) during the day on Saturday to get that process started. Come over if you like work, or beer.

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