Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry


Huh. It's been a while since I felt like posting. What's new? New jobby jobby job. Mostly real good. Sometimes real challenging, to the point of being demotivating. So far the pros far outweigh the cons. My boss is an old friend from way back, and working for him is great. He listens to me and respects my opinion, and I've managed to be impressively productive a couple of times.

Other news? I had a few romantic possibilities crop up (or so I thought), but none of them panned out :(
I kind of stopped riding my bike :(
I started up symphony rehearsals again :) :) :) [Bruckner on 11/16, y'all should come]
I'm reading a great book about braaains :)

Tonight I decided, cause I haven't been riding my bike enough, that it would either be a great idea or a terrible idea to ride 6 miles to Dan and Terra's to watch the debate, then another 6 miles to roller skating, then God knows how many miles around the rink, then something like 9 miles home. Thank you, Jenn, for your company on the last leg--thanks to you it was a great idea after all.

Now I'm mostly warmed up again, I just had some beans, rice, and cheese, my legs feel like they are made of lead, and I have a cat that somehow manages to be both doting and reclusive at the same time. I'm going to bed Real Soon Now™.

Hey, you know, everybody tells me I'm funnier when I'm tired. How'm I doin' right now?

Shit, the garbage! I didn't take the garbage out!
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